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I Don’t Know If It’s Art, but…

To get the ball rolling here, I thought a local matter – of limited conflict – would be a good thing to start with. Brought to my attention recently was the debate brewing within the population of the SEK Art Fest. For the past couple years, the Art Fest has worked with the City of Pittsburg to bring a sculpture competition to downtown Pittsburg. They put together a theme (visualized through the common sculpt the artists use), and then businesses sponsor artists to decorate and present the works for an extended period downtown until a point where they then auction off the works to raise money to support the arts in Crawford County. All in all, A Good Thing™ (save the bit of vandalism that took place, because some people are just dicks).

The issue at hand deals with folks who apparently bought footballs (the subject of the sculpts) this year, and have or intended to repaint them. The question being: is it right or wrong? The answer is yes.

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