Because I know people will say it, “doing jackshit” doesn’t necessarily mean taking away people’s guns, or anything like that. “Doing jackshit” could mean admitting we don’t care about being better people, that we don’t work hard enough at teaching our children values and morals, that we simply don’t care enough. We don’t identify mental illness well enough, we don’t spend enough time on the good, and focus too hollowly on the bad. We don’t take bad events as opportunities to create good. We just use them to bring eyeballs to the TV and say “see how bad it is out there.” That’s not fucking good enough.

I share this as a reminder that we should always question if our individual experiences and perceptions are representative of the challenges and problems of others. This is a fundamental building block of sympathy, and developing the skills and motivation to help fight the fights with and for people even though we ourselves might not suffer their plight first-hand.