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Taste the Rainbow

I try to be fair. I try to be balanced. I want to be these things. I will make an effort here. That said, sometimes you just have to call out bullshit like you see it, and point it out as the hypocrisy that it is. To this end, I bring you our lord and savior governor, Mr. Sam Brownback. Mr. Brownback, I do not like you. I think you are a shitty leader. I do not hide this, and I am far from ashamed of it. (What I’m getting at here is that this article is going to be pretty ranty, so fair warning.)

To that end, most folks who care are now aware that Mr. Brownback recently revoked an executive order that afforded anti-discriminatory rights to the LGBT community in Kansas, among other groups (it’s hard to miss, since it’s made it from state media, to the LA Times, CNN, and more). Let’s look at it from his end, though. The rationale used is one that doesn’t have great counterpoint, which you would think is a good thing. First, there’s the idea that we shouldn’t be carving out special interest groups when it comes to rights and privileges. This is certainly fair enough. I make this point when talking about “hate crimes.” Assault is already assault, for instance. Let the judge consider motivation when sentencing, the law itself doesn’t need to treat one different from another. But anyway, the point isn’t without merit and is pretty easy to defend on its own. Continue reading