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Lessons in Leadership

By this point, most folks have heard the tale of the waitress who refused a tip from the supreme leader governor this past week. She took her final day on the job as on opportunity to spoon feed a bit of criticism to Brownback via a tool she had at her disposal. The media has, of course, ran with this as if she’d flung a pie into his face. She’s been the target of praise, and a pretty fair amount of rebuke. Then something caught my eye.

boss-vs-leader-2For the most part, I didn’t think this issue worth talking about, since the governor brings criticism on himself pretty willfully – until today. And I’m not going to talk about school funding or education or taxes or any of that. No, what I’m going to talk about is leadership. I have very strong views on this subject, because real leadership I think is one of the lacking qualities across the board in our government. I’m reminded of the image to the right in the matter.

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