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“This is about gaining confidence in the results as reported. You’ve got to have a post-election audit to know the error rate and to have confidence in the final results. And we don’t have this in this county,” Clarkson said. “They’ve never looked at those paper tapes and compared them to the tabulated results that the software provides.”
Kobach on Sedgwick County election lawsuit: Time is past, votes are sealed; The Wichita Eagle

All election results should be subject to scrutiny at any time. This is why I believe so firmly in a voting system that operates like the bitcoin blockchain, allowing each vote to have a transaction on the chain that is anonymous, but verifiable against the integrity of the data as a whole. Any election can be verified by anyone with the tools and understanding of how the blockchain works.

CC by 2.0 Theresa Thompson

The Next Two Years

Now that a little time has passed since our midterm election, folks have had time to reflect. Many of those people are happy at this point. There are also a lot of people who are still disappointed that things didn’t go better (especially in Kansas). I have been bothered by some of the reaction I’ve seen though. Like in 2012, a lot of it has been, for lack of a better term, ugly. And that’s not something restricted to one group or another. People from both sides of the aisle have been less than pleasant, when the better reaction should be one of a conciliatory nature, win or lose.

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