Brownback, Then and Now

Current Events, Kansas, Politics

Brownback, Then and Now

Kansas, Politics

You know how everyone’s talking about this law Brownback signed that puts judiciary funding in jeopardy based on how they decide to rule? You know how pretty much everyone talking about it says it’s a bad idea (since, obviously, it is)?

Imagine for one second the name “Brownback” was replaced with “Obama” in that discussion. Could you imagine the pitchforks and torches conservatives would be marching into DC with? The ink wouldn’t even be dry on the paper.

So why is it okay for Brownback to do it here?

A Matter of Perspective

Current Events, Kansas

Lessons in Leadership

By this point, most folks have heard the tale of the waitress who refused a tip from the supreme leader governor this past week. She took her final day on the job as on opportunity to spoon feed a bit of criticism to Brownback via a tool she had at her disposal. The media has, of course, ran with this as if she’d flung a pie into his face. She’s been the target of praise, and a pretty fair amount of rebuke. Then something caught my eye.

boss-vs-leader-2For the most part, I didn’t think this issue worth talking about, since the governor brings criticism on himself pretty willfully – until today. And I’m not going to talk about school funding or education or taxes or any of that. No, what I’m going to talk about is leadership. I have very strong views on this subject, because real leadership I think is one of the lacking qualities across the board in our government. I’m reminded of the image to the right in the matter.

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Current Events, Kansas

Some of you might have seen the MoveOn petition that’s going around to rally folks behind the idea of recalling Brownback. I’m not going to lie, I’d love to see him out. But the reality is, we had our chance barely three months ago, and failed. To petition it now is painfully useless, in my opinion. Even if the legislature cared about the petition, which they won’t, the votes certainly aren’t there for it. It’s a waste of energy and an exercise in futility. I’d much rather see us working together to find opportunities for victories in spite of him. That would be much more productive, and certainly more rewarding.

On the Brownback Recall Petition