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Highway to Hell

About a month before the election last year, Governor Sam Brownback made an announcement in Arma, KS that, at the time, I openly called bullshit on. It looked like a publicity stunt, and it smelled like a publicity stunt. His opponent, Paul Davis, even made an incredibly prescient statement that “the enhancement project could unravel if the Brownback administration withdrew funding from the state’s T-Works transportation program to fill budget gaps left by unexpected revenue shortfalls associated with the governor’s income tax cuts.”

The reason I said that, was because Crawford county has been begging for the completion of the 69 expansion for quite some time, and it’s also one of the largest Democrat concentrations outside of Lawrence, Kansas City, and Wichita. However, there’s been a very vocal debate over the issue from folks along 400 Highway. The timing of the announcement was far too convenient to be anything but pandering. As Davis worried, Brownback did exactly what was predicted in raiding the highway fund (though the administration has maintained that planned expansion projects won’t be impacted… for now). Continue reading