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So, this is a thing that’s trying to get pushed through. I’m super interested in how they think this isn’t a pretty direct first amendment violation.

Actually, I know how they “think” it isn’t (hint: it has to do with universities technically being a government job, which is why the legislation only deals with issues that revolve around government commentary, so apparently working for the government is grounds for restricting commentary on it).

“Both the U.S. and Kansas Constitutions allow for unfettered freedom of speech and of the press. Those sacred documents don’t say ‘except if you’re a college professor who has an opinion.'” Kansas bill would ban use of writer’s job title in newspaper opinion pieces; The Kansas City Star

Update: While reading another article on this topic, I came across this GEM.

“I introduce bills in committee sometimes when I’m asked out of courtesy. It’s not because I have any skin in the game or I care about it. I’m not even sure I introduced it, but if he said I did, I did,” [Rep. Virgil] Peck said. Legislation bans professors from using titles in newspaper columns; The Topeka Capitol-Journal