About Me

I’m just a dude. I’m a dude that was born and raised in Southeastern Kansas, who’s spent plenty of time on the road and in the big city. I’m opinionated. I’m mouthy. But I’m reasonable. More than that, I’m damn pissed off at the state of this country, and the way people behave in regards to it. It’s not just that we have problems, but that it seems like we can’t have reasonable discourse about those problems anymore. And that pisses me off.

I’ve spent a lot of years reading, and learning, and developing skills necessary to see issues from all sides, and weigh the evidence involved. I want to teach others to do that, and to show that you can disagree with others without being an egomaniacal dick about it. Education is the great equalizer, and learning how to learn is something that we need to put more emphasis on.

By many accounts, I’m young. I don’t necessarily feel that way at heart. I come from a family filled with military personnel – both Marines and Army. I’m not Democrat. I’m also not Republican. I vote the way reason would dictate. I respect the Constitution as much as my neighbor. I think government is far too big, spending way too high, and our government’s priorities way too skewed. I think money in DC is at the root of most problems in government. I tend to describe myself as a fiscally conservative, but socially liberal person, though I fluctuate on both of those depending on the individual issue. I have enormous respect for men like Lawrence Lessig and Nate Silver. I think PolitiFact.com is a fantastic platform that isn’t working nearly as hard as it could or doing as much as is possible. I believe Fox News’ tagline that they are Fair and Balanced™ is irony of the worst kind.

Maybe most importantly, I believe that there’s still time to be better.