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Are You Kansane?

I have an admission to make. I’m a busy guy. With a full-time job. And a part-time job. And side projects that don’t pay me anything but still require a load of time and attention. Somewhere in all that mix I like to eat, sleep, and at least try to do things that keep me sane. Right now especially, there’s a lot to talk about going on in Kansas, and as much as I want to write about all of it, it’s pretty damn hard to find the time, because I care far more about the quality of my output than the average newspaper or network news show. This isn’t fair to our fans and readers, and I think it’s a brake on something that has the potential to be much better with more voices in the chorus.

So, that said, are you Kansane enough to write for the site? I’m looking for a few good people willing to help take part in writing and sharing news and information on the site. Interested? Here’s a bit of information:

  • First and foremost, you need to be able to write. And that doesn’t just mean grammar, though it does indeed include grammar. It also includes being able to craft a well formed position, cite your rationale or evidence, and do so in a way that differentiates opinion from fact.
  • All backgrounds are welcome. Whether you want to talk about statewide issues, things local to your region, or whatever. And we do occasionally talk about nationwide things too. Maybe you’re well versed in economics, or education, or crime. It’s okay if you want to have a niche.
  • Anonymity is important to me. Maybe it isn’t to you. I’ll let you make that decision, but you must be willing to respect the wishes of myself and any other writers and maintain that confidentiality. We will promise the same in return. We use WhoIs Guard on the website registration, and I can provide you with an email alias if you want.
  • This isn’t a liberal blog. This isn’t a conservative blog. I’m not about propaganda. This is a blog about problem solving and appreciating that the answers lie in the gray. Think of us sort of like Politifact. We go where the information and data takes us, with respect to the Kansas and United States Constitution. That means you need to be able to understand that your personal opinion on something might be different from the legal reality of its application.
  • Pointing out problems is easy and redundant. Pointing out solutions is harder, and what you need to focus on. Even I’m guilty of skipping that step sometimes. But that should be the goal to strive for.
  • It’s okay to be wrong. Be willing to admit it and learn.
  • It’s okay to disagree with me. Be able to defend your position though.
  • Be able to take editorial direction and feedback.
  • You gotta be chill. Political discussion is a passionate thing to get into, and it’s important not to take things personally, and not to deal out criticism personally (as much as is possible). Our goal is to get two very polarized groups of people to work together and realize that “compromise” isn’t a dirty word. That means we have to be above things like petty mudslinging, especially with regard to readers.
  • If you’re familiar with blogging, WordPress, and/or HTML, that always helps (though I can certainly work around that)
  • You gotta be Kansan. That’s a pretty important piece of the puzzle, because, you know, Kansanity.
  • You need to be willing to write one article a month (not including occasional smaller posts, like sharing images, quotes, or asides).
  • If you just want to submit an editorial once (or once in a while), that’s okay too. We’ll just approach that process a bit differently.

If this is something that would appeal to you, please reach out to me. We have a contact page, Twitter, or Facebook (we have Google+ too, but…. ehh). If you have writing samples to include, even better. If this isn’t for you, but you know someone who would be good for us, please feel encouraged to share this post. I’m looking to you to help us grow and be even better.

(Photo Credit: CC by-nc 2.0 Bernard Rose)