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You know how everyone’s talking about this law Brownback signed that puts judiciary funding in jeopardy based on how they decide to rule? You know how pretty much everyone talking about it says it’s a bad idea (since, obviously, it is)?

Imagine for one second the name “Brownback” was replaced with “Obama” in that discussion. Could you imagine the pitchforks and torches conservatives would be marching into DC with? The ink wouldn’t even be dry on the paper.

So why is it okay for Brownback to do it here?

A Matter of Perspective

  • http://froginawell.net/asia Jonathan Dresner

    The short answer is that it isn’t, but when two branches of government decide that a third branch of government is the problem…

    This is mostly about school finance, and the budget. It’s the same problem that’s keeping the legislature in session: how do you dismantle government without looking like the bad guy?