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Well, if there’s one thing we can count on here in Kansas, apparently it’s that if we have a problem in the state, we can just hide from it and it’ll go away. How do we fix problems if the legislature won’t even talk about them? I thought we elected leaders, not ostriches.

“The intention was to get the bill into conference so that Senate and House negotiators could work on crafting a final fix to the state’s $400 million budget hole.” Kansas House votes not to hold debate on tax plan; The Wichita Eagle


Lawrence Sucks

This is just a fantastic example of someone with a lot of passion, and no charisma. When I talk to people with opposing views, one of the most important things I stress is that to be an effective communicator, you have to win the hearts and minds of the people who disagree with you. Insulting them, and going off half-cocked makes you look like the idiot, and just energizes the opposition with something to fight against. You win more bees with honey and all that. So, how many people’s minds do you think this guy (or gal) changed?

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Lawrence Sucks (Apparently)

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Just Educate

So this topic is a bit broader than just what we’ve gone through here in Kansas, but given our recent history with education, the stuff happening in Texas does have a certain flavor that we know well. What I’m referring to, specifically, is the news that Texas has recently approved the usage of “updated” textbooks. I say “updated,” because of the obvious argument from the detractors that the books are being filled with biased information. And I’ve made no bones about my opinion that we’re already doing plenty to ensure students don’t have the skills necessary for truly powerful higher reasoning.

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Lessons in Leadership

By this point, most folks have heard the tale of the waitress who refused a tip from the supreme leader governor this past week. She took her final day on the job as on opportunity to spoon feed a bit of criticism to Brownback via a tool she had at her disposal. The media has, of course, ran with this as if she’d flung a pie into his face. She’s been the target of praise, and a pretty fair amount of rebuke. Then something caught my eye.

boss-vs-leader-2For the most part, I didn’t think this issue worth talking about, since the governor brings criticism on himself pretty willfully – until today. And I’m not going to talk about school funding or education or taxes or any of that. No, what I’m going to talk about is leadership. I have very strong views on this subject, because real leadership I think is one of the lacking qualities across the board in our government. I’m reminded of the image to the right in the matter.

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