My husband is blind and uses Uber. We sent an email to KS Representatives as there's a vote today that would make Uber operations illegal in the state. This was Rep. John Bradford's response. - ImgurI can’t confirm with absolute certainty that this was a true exchange, so keep that in mind when reading it. The law in question is SB117. For what it’s worth, Rep. Bradford is on Twitter.

EDIT: Here’s the discussion on the issue taking place at Reddit.


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Ladies and Gentlemen, Kansas Legislators


John Green nailed a discussion on the problems of health care spending quite a while back in a video many have seen. This followup is really interesting, and it’s worth appreciating the balanced look at what the law has and hasn’t done, and more specifically, how it isn’t really solving the problem.

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As far as “things you find money for to make it happen” goes, this is one of them in education. You do not fail students that work their asses off to qualify for Nationals, because these are the students doing everything right. You do not shit on those kids like that. Debate and Forensics programs are literally one of the few opportunities students have to learn and apply skills that genuinely go on to serve them in the real world the rest of their lives. If you want to help them, visit their GoFundMe page.

“I was kind of expecting it when I heard that our district was cut so much money and we got the final word from our principal and he’s still trying to find ways to help us pay for it.” PHS Debate Coach Julie Laflen, K-12 cuts hit PHS debate; The Morning Sun

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Kansas just took one of the best possible scenarios for a casino in SEK and pissed all over the opportunity out of petulance.

The Quapaw Tribe’s Downstream Casino Resort, of Oklahoma, withdrew from a partnership in a Kansas state-owned casino proposal citing a hostile and adversarial environment created when the Kansas attorney general filed a federal lawsuit to halt a separate plan by the Tribe to expand its existing casino. Quapaw’s Downstream Casino Cites Kansas’ Hostile Environment, Lawsuit, For Withdrawing From Proposal Partnership; KOAM TV

Ruffin’s proposal is still in play, but I feel like this substantially hurts the possibility of it being selected. Not to mention it cripples part of what made the proposal so appealing to begin with.


Ten Commandments of Rational Debate



Ten Commandments of Rational Debate

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Board to Death

I could really use a hand in having someone explain to me what Topeka’s fascination is with disrupting education. Not improving it, not experimenting on it, but just straight up disruption. It’s like a cook at McDonald’s that’s discovered truffle oil. We bitch and moan about the Federal Government getting overly involved in state and local affairs, but we forget that our state governments are literally just as bad about it. An outhouse by any other name…

No, I’m not talking about punishing teachers for distributing “harmful” material (frankly, I look forward to seeing that one in court). No, turns out they’re already prepared for a whole new kind of asinine. Enter HB2345. The “Only Non-Educators Can School Board” bill. Yet one more jewel in the crown that is Topeka’s creation of solutions in search of problems. Sigh. Continue reading