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Some of you might have seen the MoveOn petition that’s going around to rally folks behind the idea of recalling Brownback. I’m not going to lie, I’d love to see him out. But the reality is, we had our chance barely three months ago, and failed. To petition it now is painfully useless, in my opinion. Even if the legislature cared about the petition, which they won’t, the votes certainly aren’t there for it. It’s a waste of energy and an exercise in futility. I’d much rather see us working together to find opportunities for victories in spite of him. That would be much more productive, and certainly more rewarding.

On the Brownback Recall Petition


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Record No Votes

Not a lot of debate to offer up on this issue. This is a straight-up, you-should-know-about-this type of deal that comes out of Topeka. In a 51-67 vote, the Kansas House rejected an amendment that would require them to be accountable to their voting record by requiring those votes to be recorded for posterity – “Record All Votes.” While some votes are recorded, all too frequently the House uses voice votes on issues that allow representatives to hide behind a basic yea/nay count. This would have modified that rule via HR6004.

HR6004 Amendment Results

HR6004 Amendment Results

If you aren’t familiar with the process, votes on the house floor are recorded usually only when at least 15 members request that it be done. Otherwise, it’s a voice vote, with the Speaker determining which side wins. So generally, any relatively lopsided vote can avoid a specific record. The only real reason for this is that it allows for legislators to hide behind the process so that you as a constituent can’t ask them about the vote. It’s also downright lazy. Legislators would say it’s about “efficiency.” Bull. Continue reading