Culture, Politics

Had someone share this article with me this morning, and after reading it, thought it was worth sharing. Please, take a few minutes and read this. Then take a few more minutes and genuinely consider the problems we want to address in this country, and how one solves those problems. Not in terms of ideology, but genuine problem-solution thinking. Think about how ideology factors into solution engineering, and more specifically, how ideology can be used as a means of misdirection by those in power against the voters. There’s a term for the people being described in this article – “Useful idiots“.

Culture and Congress, principle and politics – we have to learn to separate these values. Culture, religion, and morals are not something you enforce under threat of punishment. It’s something you grow by winning the hearts and minds of your neighbors through the building of virtuous models. It comes through your actions, not your votes or your wallet.

“So why am I writing you this letter? Because, also unlike my liberal friends, I’m actually on your side, in some ways. I’m an ordained rabbi, and someone deeply concerned with the vulgarization and sexualization of our society. You and I disagree about the solution to this problem, of course, but we agree that there is a problem.”
Dear Evangelicals: You’re Being Had by Jay Michaelson